Does Anyone Mentor PoC Writers?

As a kidlit author of color I read and hear a lot about diversity and I agree there needs to be more in kidlit. Some of it is that authors of color have given up trying to get in to traditional publishing opting to self publish; I know some who have started their own publishing companies. The efforts I’ve seen for PoC authors has been admirable but what many of us really need is mentoring. We need to know what we may not be doing right, what could make our writing stronger while not diluting the strong messages we want to convey. I know that issue books can turn some agents/editors off but unfortunately those stories define us as much as the non-issue aspects of our lives. Now I am not advocating special treatment but rather a chance to get a foothold in the industry. Not all of us are going to come with that polished manuscript agents covet but we could if we had help. Yes we can read, we can attend conferences, and join online groups but often we are in the minority there and that in itself can be disheartening. Maybe you’d say we should create our own groups but separating ourselves is self defeating if we are to level the playing field. So I ask, where are the mentors for PoC writers? We sure could use some help.


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