YA Writing

Feeling the Void Not Just Filling it

We writers love to wax poetic about the industry and our place in it and in this post I am no exception. Today I feel compelled to discuss the recent surge of writers who are chasing the agent’s dream rather than their own. What I mean is, some writers are so anxious to get published that they troll the agent sites such as #mswl and #tenqueries to find out the agent’s wish so they can in turn grant it. Before I continue let me preface this by saying I too peruse those two hashtags but not for the same reason. I find it interesting and sometimes amazing to read what agents want; it’s entertaining too depending on the agent who writes the tweet. But for me, that’s where it ends. I believe that if there is a void in a certain type of book, as is surmised by these posts, then the author should not simply fill that void, they should be writing because they ‘feel’ the void.

Let me elaborate.

I write what I feel, those subjects that mean something to me. Situations in which I have often had personal experience, or know someone who has had that particular experience. Granted I make things up to complement the information because that is what the license of fiction allows. As a reader I also find that the book that ‘feels’ rather than fills, can be discerned in the text — it is clear that the author gets what they are trying to convey.

So I guess all I am saying is stop trying to follow a trend, copy a best seller, or satiate an agent. Just write what’s inside you and make us feel it too.


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