YA Writing

In the home stretch…

We are now at Lesson 12! I know…this is moving at lightning speed for me too. LOL. But so far we have basically covered the main elements and are now focusing on the story approach…the theme, purpose, etc. for the character. This has made me decide to re-write my book and give my character more of a challenge  (btw after I realized my first PB was going to be w-a-y too long for a PB, I switched to another).

This new book is not new to me but it’s called In Search of Wonderlicious and is about a 6-year-old’s adventure at the library where her mother works. Her normal routine is to go there after school, read books and wait for her mom, but this day is different; this day she sees a book that is forbidden and she wants to read it! Stay tuned.


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