YA Writing

Lessons and Lessons and Lessons Oh My!

I am SO behind in updating this blog about my PB lessons! We are already on #8 and we are being kept SO busy! So in a nutshell here’s the skinny:

#3 – We had to choose a setting (I already had mine)

#4 – We focused on word count. HARD. My book is w-a-y too long. 😦

#5 – Learned there were all types of PB approaches:

  • Classic
  • Circular
  • Cumulative
  • Familiar Sequence
  • Flip-Flop
  • Parallel
  • Question & Answer
  • Timeline

(I will explain these later)

#6 – We had to come up with 3 different beginnings for our books. I changed my twice.

#7 – We were encouraged to write 3 endings for our picture book. I love my new ending!

We have a lesson everyday and I can only write so much!!! Cya


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